Major Mitchell Cockatoos for Sale

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Major Mitchell’s cockatoos are very loving and compassionate companion birds that love to snuggle and cuddle. This is a beautiful quality in a companion bird,

Major Mitchell’s cockatoos are also extremely demanding companion birds. They will go everywhere and do everything with you if able or given the opportunity.

Adorable looks and adorable personality – these cockatoos are the whole packages. They have a good balance between personality traits, being both funny and energetic while keeping a cuddly and affectionate side as well. It’s no surprise that a strong bond forms between an owner and his pet as time goes on, and you get to know their traits in detail.


Major Mitchell’s cockatoos also known as Leadbeater’s cockatoo are beautiful salmon-pink, medium-sized cockatoos that are smart and social. These birds bond strongly with their human companions and have a reputation for being one-person birds. Because they require so much attention, experienced bird owners who are familiar with keeping large parrots are a better match for these birds.

Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is a unique bird with a lovely temperament and some beautiful coloration in the parrot world. It’s also a unique cockatoo, with a great balance of traits and an acceptable level of noise, which isn’t always common in their family. This bird is funny and energetic, as well as cuddly and affectionate.

These birds are brilliant and can be taught tricks like dancing or playing hide and seek. Some learn to speak, or can at least whistle to get their owner’s attention. They can hit some pretty high notes and have a natural alarm call designed to be heard for miles in the wild.

Feeding & Care

Do not feed birds fruit seeds, avocados, chocolate, onions, apple seeds, uncooked beans, uncooked rice, alcohol, or caffeine as these can cause serious medical problems, and kill them.

Major Mitchell’s cockatoo’s diet should consist of 70% pellets & 30% fresh fruit.

They need a lot of social interaction, direct with your household, and indirect out of cage time where they can see and be part of your “flock.”

It is best to live in a walk-in cage (5-feet high) that is at least 4-feet in long. This allows the large bird plenty of room to move.

They need a variety of differently sized perches to help exercise and stretch their feet.