Ducorp Cockatoos for Sale

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Ducorp’s Cockatoo is reported to be intelligent and playful. They are quieter than most Cockatoos and make sweet pets given the right environment that takes into account their need for plenty of companionship/interaction and mental stimulation. Even though they are smaller than most other cockatoos (not as small as the Goffins Cockatoo though), they are very active and need roomy cages and lots of toys. This baby will come with DNA and Disease testing.


Ducorp’s Cockatoo is a friendly, smart, and very playful parrot that will never fail to make your day better and funnier. They make an excellent pet for families or singles that want a friendly, entertaining pet in their home. They are adored worldwide for their radiant personalities and goofy attitude and make some of the world’s most popular pets.

The easiest way to adequately describe a pet cockatoo is – fun. This one word can tell you all you need to know. With an endlessly silly personality, a love for tricks, clowning, and playing games, you will never be bored with your pet.

The Ducorp’s Cockatoo is sure to surprise you with its lovable character!