Rose Breasted Cockatoos for Sale

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The Rose Breasted Cockatoo is most commonly known as the Galah, and it’s one of the most unique, widespread, and popular parrots in the large and diverse cockatoo family.


The Rose-Breasted Cockatoos is affectionate, and fun parrots have a strong tendency to create deep bonds with their owners. As you get to know your pet and its personality, it might just be that you meet your new and lifelong friend.

A Galah is energetic and full of silly behavior like most other cockatoos, but it is also quite affectionate. It’s not unusual for a Rose Breasted Cockatoo to be quiet in their play or to cuddle up to their owner in search of some scratches. In any case, with a pet like this, you are guaranteed an endless supply of love, fun, and entertaining company!

The Rose Breasted Cockatoo has a long lifespan of 80 years – these parrots are lifetime companions.