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Hand Raised and Tamed Cockatoos For Sale

Cockatoos are one of the most favored birds as pets in the Parrot family. They are beautiful birds possessing striking talking abilities. Cockatoos are extremely beautiful, loving, and social creatures, portraying an intelligent, playful, inquisitive, and enchanting self. We are a medium sized breeding facility which specializes mostly in raring Cockaatoo Parrots . We do our best to handle and tame our babies so you get a member of the family. Birds are weaned onto Zupreem Naturals/fruit blend and All birds at our facility are tested against Polyoma, PBFD, Avian Borna Virus and depending on species we also test for psitticosis (avian chlymidia).

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Umbrella Cockatoo

Our Cockatoo as Pet

With a little bit of training, they can easily bond with their owners. Each Cockatoo is different in nature from the other, but most of them are docile. They love to learn and perform activities like singing, playing, laughing, and dancing. They are also good at performing various tricks and love taking baths. They have impressive vocal abilities and are dedicated chewers, which must be considered before deciding on cockatoos as pets.

Cockatoo Temperament

Our Cockatoos are vivacious and affectionate birds. They are quite “cuddly” and bond very closely with their owners. However, their sociability and need for affection mean they demand a great deal of time from their owners. Deprived of love, cockatoos will become depressed or exhibit neurotic behaviors. They are intelligent, playful, mischevious, and they can be exceptionally loud. They are somewhat excitable, so sometimes don’t do that well around young kids.

Cockatoos are very social animals and must spend time out of their cage and with their owners each day. Their natural curiosity and craving for attention make life beautiful with cockatoos as pets. Their “cuddly” nature makes them adorable pets. They crave time and affection from their owners.

Our Cockatoo Babies

As a small business, we pride ourselves in the manner in which we raise our Cockatoos. We provide each baby bird with the individualized care and attention that is needed to become a happy, relaxed, and well-adjusted pet. We raise only a limited number of babies at a time, which enables us to provide them with the necessary one on one attention they need. Lots of TLC is essential to ensure proper socialization and a good, even-tempered disposition. Our Cockatoo birds receive lots of cuddling and one on one playtime. The special care that each baby gets assures our customers a loving pet that will bring joy and happiness to their lives for many years to come.


We believe in weaning our baby Cockatoo birds based on their individual needs and rates of maturity. It is important that all babies get a good start in life, both nutritionally and psychologically. Each of our babies is given a hand-feeding formula that is best suited to their species and individual needs. They are exposed to a variety of foods at an early age, which allows them to explore and experiment with different tastes and textures. Our Cockatoos are weaned onto a pelleted diet, various trail mix blends, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked beans and rice, grains, breads, pastas, and nuts.


We believe socialization at a young age is a critical factor for having a confident, happy, and well-adjusted parrot. It is important to teach parrots some basic manners and commands. All of our baby birds are taught to “step up,” “step down,” and “no.” Our Cockatoos are exposed to birds of different species. We feel this is an added bonus, enabling the babies to adjust with less stress to those households with other birds.



A wide variety of toys are introduced at an early age to encourage independent play and ongoing stimulation. We expose our babies to different play environments that help them develop their coordination, balance, and concentration, as well as providing them with good exercise to develop muscles and a relaxed attitude.

Cockatoo Parrot Store has a wonderful reputation.  being the BEST in the Business, with the healthiest Cockatoo Birds, the Cleanest Environment, and Quality Cages/Toys and Commodities. Our goal is to remain humble, sell healthy Cockatoo birds, make our customers feel like part of the “family” and educate the public on the care of these marvelous creatures. Cockatoo Parrot Store has been family owned and operated